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Green and Red to fill the skies on Mayo Day

There will be a green and red fireworks display on Lough Lannagh at the bridge on Sat next, May 2nd at 11 30pm to formally close International Mayo Day.

The organisers are asking that people in the vicinity with pets or livestock to keep them in at the time to avoid frightening them.

They also ask that people coming to
discount ray bans see the fireworks to please use the car park as the viewing area. Those entering Lough Lannagh from the Holiday Village will be directed to the car park and the bridge will be closed for the lead up and the duration of the display. That also ask that nobody enter the lake from from the new graveyard, the Newport Road entrance or the St. Gerald’s side for safety reasons. All spectators are asked to enter from the Aldi entrance, the old graveyard and the main entrance. No vehicles will be allowed.

It will be a great night with the music performance of "The General in Market Sq. at 10 30pm. Please follow
discount ray bans the instructions of the stewards at
fake ray bans all times and
replica ray ban sunglasses pray for no rain!!Articles Connexes:

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Washington Squares Come Full Circle

Washington Squares Come Full Circle Release Of Debut Lp Is Imminent

February 20, 1987by PAUL WILLISTEIN, The Morning Call

The Washington Squares’ debut album on Polygram Records is expected to be released March 16. Not earth shaking news, but mighty important to Squares fans across the United States, which includes a following in the Lehigh Valley. Tonight, the group is back at Godfrey Daniels, Bethlehem, for the
discount ray bans fifth time.

"It finally happened," said Tom Goodkind, bassist and vocalist for New York’s neo folkie trio. "We’ve been, I guess, prematurely announcing it (the album) for about a year." The first single, "You’re Not Alone," will be accompanied by a video.

Oh h h, no o o! Are the Washington Squares going Hollywood Squares? Goodkind says that won’t happen.

"One thing I think you’ll find with the album is that the harmonies are intact," he said. and Let’s Active fame, produced the songs in December at Electric Ladyland, right
replica ray bans near the Washington Square arch, the group’s Greenwich Village namesake.

"It was a pretty comfortable situation, waking up and going to the
cheap ray bans studio," said Goodkind. The group includes Lauren Agnelli on guitar and vocals, and Bruce Paskow on bass and vocals.

When the Squares burst onto the scene in the fall of 1983, Variety, in typical trade paper fashion, described them as "one flippant but entertaining act."

The group affects berets, goatees and
cheap ray bans Ray Bans in a send up of ’50s beatnik fashion; mixes convincing renditions of ’60s folk classics, and plays imaginative and politically stirring original material.

The Squares’ album will include "Samson and Delilah," "He Was a Friend of Mine" and the originals, "New Generation," "Lay Down Your Arms," "You Can’t Kill Me," "Can’t Stop The Rain," "D Train," "Daylight" and a traditional Polish Solidarity song, "Walls."

"The hardest thing about recording the album was choosing material," said Goodkind. "We have about 100 folk songs and we do about 40 originals."

The "You’re Not Alone" video is being directed by MTV producer Vinnie Longobardo. "It’s being filmed around the village," said Goodkind.

"Of course, it’s gotta be in black and white. It’s gotta show all the folkie and beat elements. We asked (Allen) Ginsberg to appear in it" en homage to the beat poet’s cameo in Bob Dylan’s ’60s clip for "Subterranean Homesick Blues."

It’s been a long road to the album. "You don’t know what it’s been like to be in this band after concerts. Everyone just comes up to us and says, ‘Why don’t you just get an album out?’ And we’d think, what would Pete Seeger say? ‘Well, there are a lot of strikes to play.’ In America, you have to show progress, or else you fall by the wayside.

"We’re really happy to come back to Godfrey’s. We hope to play Bethlehem regularly because we built up a regular gig at Godfrey’s." The Squares first played there in October 1985.

Godfrey’s is not the Squares’ only Valley connection. Goodkind has a theory why that missing link of I 78 in New Jersey took so long to complete.

"My great uncle, Saul Goodkind, was head of the construction of roads in Jersey. He died in the ’60s. And construction just stopped," Goodkind laughed.

"There’s a Goodkind Bridge in Jersey. Yeah, we drove over it. Everyone in the band couldn’t believe it."Articles Connexes:

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Julia Roberts brushes up on her trivia buying children’s weird facts book from library sale

Looking rather casual for the second time this week, Julia
discount ray bans had on
cheap ray bans an ill fittingpolka dotdress with pink bra strap peeking out, sandals and a green sweater strewn about hershoulder. She also wore a pair of Ray Bans.

Along with her new book, the A Normal Heart star also struggled to juggle her purse, car keys, filtered water canteen full of fruit and someTupperwarefilled with even more sliced fruit.

She also wore a scowl that hid her trademark smile, possibly because she didn’t manage to track down the other five volumes in the series, although they can be individually picked up on Amazon for
cheap ray bans $7.99 each.

Not smiling: The 47 year old didn’t seem to pleased with her solitary bargain find

Hands full: The mom of three juggled her new library find along with a water canteen, Tupperware, car keys and her purse

Earlier this week the mother of three was spotted rocking an equally frumpy outfit as she stepped out to shop for a gift at Cross Creek in Malibu although she looked a little cheerier then.

The Pretty Woman star is currently working on her latest film, The Secret In Their Eyes, oppositeChiwetel Ejiofor and Nicole Kidman.

Did you know: The actress managed to snag volume 5, presumably for her boys, which will enlighten them to the fact that Gatorade can be used to clean toilets, among 299 other illuminations

Weird But True: Nine Facts About Julia Roberts She has her film make up applied lying down because it gives her ‘a relaxed look’

She turned down the lead role in Sleepless In Seattle, while Meg Ryan turned down the lead role in Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman was originally titled ‘$3,000′, the amount her character is paid by Richard Gere’s

That’s not her body
discount ray bans on the cover of Pretty Woman, her head is superimposed on a body double

She used to bite her toenails instead of clipping them

Ocean’s Twelve is the only sequel she’s ever starred in

She was the first actress to ever received $20m for a film: Erin Brockovich in 2000

She is left handed, and had to learn how to use her right hand to play Erin Brockovich

Her favorite hobby is knitting

The film is an English language remake of the critically acclaimed 2009 Argentinian crime thriller El Secreto De Sus Ojos, which was released in the USA the following year.

Ejiofor plays former legal counsellor Ray in the Billy Ray directed movie, who believes he has found the man who murdered his former partner and friend’s daughter.

Julia meanwhile portrays the mother of the murdered girl, while Breaking Bad alum Dean Norris acts as a District Attorney investigator on the unsolved case.

In addition, Roberts will start shooting Money Monster soon alongside Jack O’Connell and old friend George Clooney, under the direction of Jodie Foster.Articles Connexes:

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women’s athletic departments’ merger in best interests of
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet students

I am a proud Lady Vol. I also wear the Power T and I’m proud to call myself a Volunteer. For 25 years, I have had the privilege of working with the men and women who represent the University of Tennessee as student athletes. It’s one of the best jobs at Tennessee.

Pat Summitt hired me as her manager and I currently hold the position of senior associate athletics director and senior woman administrator; there have been lots of
replica Michael Kors handbags different jobs in between. I mention this so you can put my story in perspective.

I’ve been on the sidelines for national championships and I’ve seen us struggle through tough times. Change is never easy. The consolidation of departments, facing the fact that our most revered family member has an unforgiving disease, the retirement of a respected leader,
Michael Kors handbags outlet converting a brand it isn’t easy. Throughout the process, we have worked hard to think first of our student athletes. Here are some of my experiences and observations:

n Leaders are hired to make decisions. Some decisions are difficult to accept. Decisions are made with careful consideration and collaboration.

n The Lady Vols logo is an important part of our tradition and women’s basketball will continue to carry the Lady Vols brand.

n The changing of a logo does not change history. The changing of a logo does not change who we are and what we represent. The changing of a logo changes how we look going forward that is all it changes.

n Every women’s team held meetings to share information related to
Michael kors handbags outlet changing the logo to the Power T. Every student athlete has had an opportunity to express her opinion. Some have done so and some have not.

n Coaches were consulted. Every head coach of a women’s team had an individual meeting to discuss the branding change. Each took the opportunity to weigh in on the topic. In a meeting of all head coaches, the proposal was discussed at considerable length.

n Athletic Director Dave Hart has never taken credit for the idea of the Pat Summitt Plaza. He simply made it possible.

n Hart has never taken credit for the idea of a volleyball practice facility. He simply made it a reality and chose to
Michael Kors handbags outlet name it after a longtime leader of women, Joan Cronan.

n There was never an announcement to do away with the Lady Volunteer Hall of Fame. There was simply a decision to pause and develop a Hall of Fame that includes both men and women. The reports of eliminating the Hall of Fame are simply not true.

n The UT Athletic Department never said Nike made the decision to change the logo on women’s sports other than basketball. The Athletic Department, with the support of the university, made the decision.

n For those who believe they are fighting for Pat Summitt, stop and think for a minute. Nothing changes for women’s basketball. If you know Pat, you know she would have offered her opinion strongly and vigorously, and she would have supported her university even if she did not agree. She would not have waged a public battle that affects recruiting.

n The Lady Vols logo is not going away. Merchandise bearing the logo will continue to be available at retail stores.

n The licensing office estimates that
replica Michael Kors outlet 2 to 5 percent of the $2.5 million in annual licensing revenue is related to the Lady Vols logo. That percentage is dependent on the success of women’s basketball.

n The Lady Vols logo will still be prominently displayed in Thompson Boling Arena.

n On average, 60 70 percent of funding for the previous separate women’s athletic department came from men’s athletics.

n Consolidation of intercollegiate athletics has followed a lengthy path that started 14 years ago under Cronan and former Men’s Athletic Director Doug Dickey:

In 2001, the Thornton
cheap Michael Kors Athletics Student Life Center consolidated academic support for male and female student athletes. Ticketing offices were consolidated in 2002 and business offices the next year. In 2004, sales and marketing offices were consolidated and a single public relations office created. Athletics compliance, development, event management and media relations offices were consolidated in 2009, and in 2011 administration, sports medicine, strength and conditioning, support staff and equipment services merged, with leadership moving to a single vice chancellor and director of athletics.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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5 People Cheated Out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Everyone knows that giving awards for art typically results in disaster. Just look at all the great movies that never won Best Picture or all the Grammys Led Zepppelin never received. But the voting for the Rock Roll Hall of Fame is particularly infuriating because of an apparent contradiction in the Hall’s voting criteria.

Most students of Rock (who aren’t trying desperately to seem cool or be a contrarian) will tell you that The Beatles are the greatest band of all time. (Don’t worry s fans, the Stones are still the best band named after a Muddy Waters lyric, featuring a tongue logo). After all, not only did they
Cheap Michael Kors handbags induct The Beatles, they also entered three out of four
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet of The Beatles and their producer as individual artists. But here’s the thing. Despite all this Beatles reverence, the Hall apparently hates all the influence that flows from The Beatles.

The Hall far prefers you to have a unique voice or imaage instead
replica Michael Kors handbags of an earnest and impressive body of work. How else could it induct flash in the pan icons Percy Sledge, Guns n’ Roses, and The Sex Pistols while ignoring the following careers? By the way, the entries below are not the only entrees that belong in the Hall, but they are five of the best names for showing the Hall hates artists who place their emphasis on craftsmanship and musical growth over rehashing their one iconic moment.

5. The Cars

There are many bands who, like The Beatles, worried first and foremost about the song. Bands like Squeeze and XTC, where the songs were the star, not the frontman. But for this entry, after much deliberation, I’m going with The Cars. In the relatively short time they produced music, the Cars put out a string of pop rock staples: "Just What I Needed," "You’re All I Got Tonight," "Let The Good Times Roll," "You Might Think" and many more.

At a time when music was broken into factions of New Wave and Punk, the cars found a way to merge the two. And while the band had a distinctive sound due to Ric Ocasek’s (and occasionally, Benjamin Orr’s) plaintive vocals, catchy harmonies, and Greg Hawkes’ keyboards, the reason they rose above all other early 80s synth bands was due to the strength of solid, infectious songwriting. Sure they defined a way of using synths in pop music, but have you listened
Michael kors handbags outlet to just how good Elliot Easton’s guitar solos are? Always immaculate and pushing at the edges of polished pop without overstepping its bounds. And unlike so much of early 80s pop consisting of static canned beats, The Cars had a rhythm section that was really interesting.

Even though they were an accomplished band, fully capable of recreating their sound live, they were never afraid to let the song take center stage, making it almost appropriate that they appeared as mannequins in one of their biggest hits Drive

This is actually live footage.

Thank you, Cars, for letting your songs speak for themselves. And the Hall thanks you too. but in the form a colossal and undeserved, "Drop dead."

4. Jethro Tull

No one would call The Beatles progressive rock. I mean, they barely have any songs about magical mice. But The Beatles did pioneer the idea of albums as cohesive bodies of work and the "concept album" is the hallmark of the progressive rock that followed. It’s pretty clear the Hall absolutely despises prog rock. With the massive exception of Pink Floyd, there’s none to be found there. (Sure, you say Genesis, but without pop crap like Invisible Touch, the Hall never would have inducted them).

I won’t deny there’s good reason for hating prog rock At its worst, prog rock
replica Michael Kors handbags is showy and pedantic, replacing groove and soul with mathematics and bad poetry. But why would you ever judge a style of music by its worst indulgences? You wouldn’t write off all pop music because of Justin Bieber’s crap or all Heavy Metal based on Twisted Sister?Sorry, Dee. Your suckitude will not destroy Black Sabbath for me.

So I decided there should be one prog rock entry on this list since the Hall has seen fit to snub Rush, Yes, Kansas, King Crimson, Emerson, Lake, Palmer, The Moody Blues and a host of a bands who have made important contributions to rock. My prog rog pick? Jethro Tull.

Already, the haters are groaning, but, quite simply, there has never been another band that sounds anything like Tull and through their long
Michael Kors handbag outlet career Tull has put forth several utterly flawless albums like Aqualung, Thick as a Brick, and Songs From The Wood. Come on!

Some of you still aren’t convinced. That’s probably because you’re a Metallica fan who remembers or heard about the time in 1989 when the Grammys gave Tull an award in the brand new Heavy Metal category. Well, guess what? That never happened. Not really. At that point, the category was best "Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Performance." (Subsequently the "Hard Rock" part was removed and made into its own category). 1989 was also the year of Tull’s big comeback album, Crest of a Knave. Unlike some of their 80s offerings, it was getting radio play on the strength of Steel Monkey. Not their best song, but certainly a rock song and not the lame flute serenade some would
Michael Kors handbags outlet have you believe.

I still feel the Hall is afraid to induct Tull because they’ll be mocked. Well, it’s been over 20 years. Get over it. Anyone who doesn’t know Tull rocks doesn’t know Tull. Here’s one of their best. You might have to wait until 1:21 before you start headknocking. Deal.

3. Peter Gabriel

Some of you are saying, "well, Peter Gabriel’s not in the Hall, but his old band Genesis is, so no big deal." Still, more of you are probably saying, "wait. Peter Gabriel was in Genesis?" Still others are saying, "enough with these rock stars, Gladstone, I read your column for one reason
fake Michael Kors only: dreamy pictures of you!"

Hey, girl. I like your style, but I’m listening to Peter Gabriel and you should too.

Brief review: Peter Gabriel is not some wacky guy who crafty Stax records influenced soul pop in the 80s and just went away. As historically important as the picture above it, it has nothing to do with why he belongs in the Hall.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Johnny Depp’s Golden Globes 2014 Hair
cheap Michael Kors Looks Like Leonardo DiCaprio’s In ‘Titanic’ PHOTOS

We weren’t expecting to see Johnny Depp present at the 2014 Golden Globes but it was a happy surprise because the former teen icon decided to channel his
Michael Kors discounts youth through his hair.

The 50 year old showed off his newly dyed blond
michael kors handbags outlet hair while handing out the coveted award for Best Picture Drama
replica Michael Kors outlet on Sunday night, which
fake Michael Kors made us super nostalgic for one of our favourite films, "Titanic."

Why, you ask, were we thinking about the 1997 film which won 14 Oscars? Well, that’s because Depp’s
Michael kors handbags outlet hair, complete with middle part
fake Michael kors handbags outlet and stringy locks, looked almost exactly like Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jack Dawson!

Buzzfeed also hilariously pointed out that Depp, who’s dating 27 year old actress Amber Heard, channeled
fake Michael Kors the "it" haircut from the ’90s which befell the likes of Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter, Macaulay Culkin and Brad Pitt.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Day Parade Alienates Him with Some Irish

The mayor’s refusal to march in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Manhattan later this month and scheduling problems with
cheap oakleys a celebratory breakfast seem to indicate that his relationship with Irish Americans in the city doesn’t appear to be getting any better. NY1’s Grace Rauh filed the following report.

Mayor Bill de Blasio boycotted the St. Patrick’s Day parade last year over its refusal to
fake cheap oakley sunglasses allow gay and lesbian groups to march. He plans to stay away again. "But this year, I think there’s a feeling that he’s not
fake oakleys cheap really into us."

O’Dowd said the mayor has done little to improve things.

"Normally, when a mayor comes in, he appoints an ethnic liason person to the communities he is most involved in. Mayor Bloomberg did that. Mayor Giuliani did that with the Irish community. We haven’t seen that with Mayor de Blasio, and that’s
oakleys sunglasses been a problem, frankly," he said.

A spokesman for the mayor said there are community liasions for every community across New York City. They are not assigned
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses to specific ethnic groups.

The mayor is hardly ignoring St. Patrick’s Day. He marched in a parade last weekend in Queens, and he is scheduled to march in the Rockaways
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale on Saturday. He has also forged a close relationship with Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the city’s most prominent Irish American.

His St. Patrick’s Day headaches aren’t going away, though. He even got into trouble over the breakfast he
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses is hosting that day, because it was scheduled to start at the same time as Dolan’s mass.

De Blasio does appear willing to make at least
fake oakley sunglasses some concessions to his critics. The administration announced that it would move the St. Patrick’s Day breakfast at Gracie Mansion up an hour so that it no longer conflicts with mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Zimmermann for 8 runs in 8

JUPITER, Fla. (AP) Giancarlo Stanton hit a two run homer and Mike Morse had a three run shot as the Miami Marlins roughed up Jordan Zimmermann in an 8 0 win over the Washington Nationals on Wednesday.Morse connected in the first and Stanton sent a drive onto the roof of the Marlins’ clubhouse beyond the left field wall in the second as Miami opened an early 7 0 lead in its final Grape Fruit
fake oakley sunglasses League game."I felt fine," said
fake cheap oakleys Zimmermann. "Location was the issue today. I feel good. I’m ready to go. It just wasn’t a good day, today. I’m glad it happened now and not during the season."Morse’s homer was his fifth of the spring. Stanton has four."To get results of hits and hitting the ball hard is a by product of the work I put in," Morse said. "I think I had a good, productive spring working on some things. I’m ready to use it now in the season."Pitching for the first time since Major League Baseball
replica oakleys began investigating gambling related posts that appeared on his Twitter account and, a day later, being scratched from his scheduled start because of a blister, Miami starter Jarred Cosart was sharp in his final spring appearance, allowing only one hit and walking three in six innings."I was pretty focused today," Cosart said. "I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish,
fake oakleys cheap which was get to that 6 7 inning mark and I only got there in 75 pitches. Crow will get a second opinion before making a decision. He had been ticketed to be a member of the Marlins 25 man opening day roster.Nationals: Manager Matt Williams said Anthony Rendon’s MCL sprain will land him on the disabled
wholesale oakleys list to begin the season. . Outfielder Jayson Werth hit in a minor league game again on Wednesday but he, too, is all but certain to begin the season on the DL. .
fake oakleys cheap Closer Drew Storen’s blistered toe is healing. to minor league camp on Wednesday morning. After the game, the Nationals
fake oakley wholesale reassigned Rafael Martin and Ian Stewart to minor league camp.SMALL TOWN BALLMiami manager Mike Redmond is looking forward playing exhibition games in Greensboro, North Carolina, on Friday and Jacksonville on Saturday against the Marlins’ minor league affiliates. "Some of these guys have played in these ballparks. I think it’s fun for them to come back and say hello to the fans and sign autographs, and I know it’s great for the fans in Greensboro and Jacksonville to be able to see these guys again and see them as big leaguers," Redmond said.HEY, I KNOW THAY GUYTwo days after being released by Miami and signed by Washington, Reid Johnson came off the bench to play left field for the Nationals, going 0 for 1.UP NEXTMarlins: With its Grapefruit League schedule complete, Miami plans to start Tom Koehler in Greensboro on Friday and Dan Haren the following night at Jacksonville.Nationals: Washington is off on Thursday, then travels to Tampa
fake cheap oakleys on Friday for its Grapefruit League finale against the New York Yankees.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Family from A1articles

is important to us all. Doing the best for our family’s well being is at the top of
oakley sunglasses replica our agendas and we want to make sure we have all the latest and best information to help us take care of our loved ones.But in today’s hectic world, where we’re all busy with work and the daily stresses and strains of modern life, it can be hard to keep up to date with our families. It can be all to easy to get wrapped up with the negative aspects of our own lives
wholesale oakleys and forget to set aside good quality family time. All our content is free to use and can help you find exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to doing the best for your family.From information for young parents, the best ways to communicate with your teenager, keeping your young ones entertained and challenged and making time to spend together with your family; our articles have all the best advice and tips to keep your family happy and running smoothly!18th June 2015Quality
cheap oakleys New Houses
oakleys sunglasses How Can You Know That The Builder Will Deliver A Quality Home?By IshanGoradiya in Creating A New HomeIf you’re considering having a new house built you’ll no doubt spend a lot of time looking through the Actual Estate magazines and weekend papers. Inside them is going to be many advertisements by builders guaranteeing to construct .17th June 20155 Proven and Effective Tips for Retail SuccessBy Stan Quinn in It’s not always the bad product or the service that becomes the reason for the failure of your retail business, but a bad business strategy or approach can also ruin your business. Apart from offering amazing products and services, retail store owners nee. The length of time it takes for the tree to fully establish itself is usually determined by
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale its size. The
fake oakley sunglasses larger the tree, the more maintenance will be required.03rd April 2015Why you need a digital thermometer
oakleys sunglasses in the homeBy ThermoMan in Everybody at some point in their domestic or professional life will need a good digital thermometer. We’re going to show you why, and also prior to committing to a purchase, help you identify what to look out for in a new digital thermometer.Seven Questions to Help You Review Your Current Life Insurance PolicyBy Laura Ginn in You probably don’t need to re examine your life insurance policy every year, but like almost everything
cheap oakleys else in your financial portfolio, you should review any insurance policy you own at least every few years. You should also review your life insurance e.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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2014 JDR Year in Review

I am delighted to update the readership on our 2014 year in review. This report gives a status update on progress the JDR over the past nearly 5 years as well. I feel that the journal has been able to continue to improve as a leading source of scientific information in the oral, dental and craniofacial sciences.   The JDR remains ranked # 1/82 journals in Dentistry for Eigenfactor™ Score at 0.2235 and #2/82 journals in 2-year impact factor at 4.144, the first time the journal has exceeded 4 for SIF.  We feel the journal remains strong not only in these metrics, but also in other important measures of success including numbers of full-text downloads, page views, article influence score among other metrics.


The journal owes much of this success to several key individuals who support the JDR on a daily basis including Dr. Christopher Fox, Denise Streszoff, Kourtney Skinner and Lily Knol at the JDR Headquarters in Alexandria. The editors are also fortunate to be supported by the capable staff at SAGE Publishing, in particular, Paulina Klein and Courtney Pugh, who have done an fine job in developing a strong working relationship between the IADR/AADR Central Offices and SAGE to sustain the excellence of JDR. Ms. Karen Gardner as the local editorial assistant at the University of Michigan helps me on the day-to-day administration of the JDR with the careful management of manuscript page proofs among the authors, our office and SAGE. I am also very grateful for the excellent progress the associate editors of the journal have made: (Professor Dana Graves as Associate Editor for Critical Reviews in Oral Biology and Medicine) and for Professors Jack Ferracane Nicola Innes, Jessica Lee, Jacques Nör and Joy Richman as AEs. I am highly appreciative of the excellent management of challenging manuscript decisions given that JDR’s acceptance rate remains at ~10% on research reports that have continued to increase each year since 2010 (see below). Further, based on data from the recent JDR author satisfaction survey from 2012, we find that the submitting authors having their papers accepted and published in the JDR are generally satisfied with the quality and timeliness of publication of their research.

In the following are some more significant accomplishments of the JDR for 2014:

1.    Manuscript Processing.  Table 1 shows the time from submission to first decision for original and revised manuscripts.  The timing for decisioning following manuscript submission is expeditious with the time being 13.9 days for original submissions and 10.3 days for revised submissions. The time to publication reduced significantly over the past 4-1/2 years and is considered very competitive with the scholarly publication field.  We have been told that among the SAGE journals, JDR is one of if not the most rapid in terms of providing final decisions on manuscript submissions. The numbers of papers triaged is now on the order of nearly 60% at entry and just under 50% overall to enable submitting authors a quick turnaround to identify other venues for their research (Figure 1).

Table 1. Time from submission to first decision from January 1, 2014 through October 31, 2014 (n =1,372 manuscript decisions).

Table 1. Time from submission to first decision from January 1, 2014 through October 31, 2014 (n =1,372 manuscript decisions).

This increase in manuscript processing efficiency is due to several factors including our editors, journal staff and the SAGEtrack processing system. The readership survey results reported in 2012 verify that authors are generally satisfied with the review process and continue to submit quality manuscripts to the JDR. The improved workflow after a manuscript has been accepted has resulted in arguably the most rapid acceptance to online and print publication in the oral health sciences (online available in ~19 working days, and print publication in < 90 days from acceptance).

Figure 1. Original and Revised manuscript decisions for the JDR from January 1 – November 15, 2014.  Significant numbers of manuscripts submitted to the JDR receive a rapid decision (generally in < 7 days) to return without external review primarily due to improper fit within the scope of the JDR. The overall acceptance rate is 14.1% for invited papers (Critical Reviews, Clinical Reviews, editorials, Discovery! and Advances in Dental Research e-Supplements in addition to original reports).  Total number for this period was 1,448 decisions.

Figure 1. Original and Revised manuscript decisions for the JDR from January 1 – November 15, 2014. Significant numbers of manuscripts submitted to the JDR receive a rapid decision (generally in < 7 days) to return without external review primarily due to improper fit within the scope of the JDR. The overall acceptance rate is 14.1% for invited papers (Critical Reviews, Clinical Reviews, editorials, Discovery! and Advances in Dental Research e-Supplements in addition to original reports). Total number for this period was 1,448 decisions.  

2.    Manuscript Submissions and Global Institutional Reach.  The JDR remains attractive for manuscript submissions of both original reports and reviews. Figure 2 displays the variety of submissions received by the journal offices, mostly research reports in the biological, biomaterials/bioengineering and clinical disciplines.  Further, one can appreciate the types of reviews, editorials and perspectives being received.  The latter categories are ones we are working on to consider stimulating more interest via greater promotion of this content.  The recent appointment of Dr. Jessica Lee has been designed based on the interest in promoting greater importance of research science policy.  This is a strong area of expertise that Dr. Lee brings to the journal in this important area of value to our IADR constituencies.

Figure 2. Article types submitted to the Journal of Dental Research.  Of the 1,098 manuscripts submitted through November 15, 2014, 90% of the papers are research-type articles to the JDR.

Figure 2. Article types submitted to the Journal of Dental Research. Of the 1,098 manuscripts submitted through November 15, 2014, 90% of the papers are research-type articles to the JDR.

3.    Promotion of JDR Research. We have dedicated efforts on multiple press releases on JDR manuscripts.  We generally have a perspective article or editorial co-publish on a particular paper of interest.  The IADR Global Headquarters office through support by Ingrid Thomas and Denise Streszoff disseminate press releases that go to a variety of media outlets. I also provide annual highlights on issues or specific content on the JDR Blog site. The following link demonstrates the journal’s strong commitment to the promotion of science to the scientific, clinical and lay communities to engage interest by these constituencies on JDR-research (See: .

The editors have good opportunities for pod-casting, video and other online materials for JDR subscribers were piloted in 2014. In the July 2014 clinical research supplement, Dr. Harold Slavkin, former Director of NIDCR gave the inaugural and provocative podcast on genomics and the transformation of primary healthcare from a global context (See: SAGE used the JDR as a pioneer journal that was to take advantage of mobile usage for both the JDR and Advances in Dental Research (both apps available since 2011).  The usage of these applications is being continually monitored and appears to be growing at a good rate.  The access of the JDR has been strong through SAGE’s partnership and promotion of JDR content through a variety of outlets such as HINARI (free access of JDR content to libraries in the developing world).  The agreement with EBSCO has allowed greater revenue for the JDR (see budget report), while also allowing very good access of JDR content globally.  Figure 3 shows the institutional geographic summary of JDR content.

Figure 3. Geographic reach of institutional JDR subscribers, traditional, consortia, and Research4Life combined by JDR Region (Sage Reports, March, 2014).

Figure 3. Geographic reach of institutional JDR subscribers, traditional, consortia, and Research4Life combined by JDR Region (Sage Reports, March, 2014).


4.    Continue Publication of Advances in Dental Research e-supplements.  The Advances in Dental Research Publication remains a valuable tool for the AADR and IADR for the dissemination of research, particularly as a part of workshops and symposia.  Since 2010, we have published 9 e-supplements to the ADR.  Most recently, we published a special issue celebrating the 50-year anniversary of the Department of Oral Biology at the University at Buffalo guest edited by Frank Scannapieco. In 2015 we have 2 supplements planned including one to be guest edited by Dr. Stephen Challacombe from King’s College London (on the Mouth and AIDS) and another following a Cape Town session edited by Dr. Eino Honkala.


5.    Supplements on Clinical Research.  We have published 4 JDR supplement issues on clinical research, a growing area of potential impact for the journal.  We published issues in July, 2012  (, July, 2013 ( a special supplement on implant dentistry in December, 2013  (, and most recently a supplement in July, 2014 (  We have a queue of papers lined up for another clinical research supplement to publish in March, 2015 and potentially another late 2015/early 2016.  I still strongly believe we can expand the dissemination of clinical content to other constituencies and think we have not yet realized our full potential of clinical research opportunities.  We look forward to identifying growth areas with our clinical content to the research and dental practice communities.

EditorReport_ClinicalSupp6.    Develop Special Issues in the Journal.  We are very pleased to have piloted the first special issue (outside of traditional abstract proceedings) for the JDR this month.  The board will find the publication of the December 2014 issue on novel materials and technologies in dental, oral and craniofacial sciences available online by the time of the meeting.    We are appreciative of Dr. Jack Ferracane, a leader in dental biomaterials who guest edited this issue.  We believe this special issue will draw in and showcase excellent topics in this dynamic field, one that has an important audience in the JDR.  Given this early success, the editors will have a new call for a special issue on Craniofacial Stem Cells in Health and Disease.  This peer-reviewed special issue will provide an assessment of the current state-of-the-art of the biology of stem cells in craniofacial development and health, as well as their role in the etiology of diseases/conditions affecting craniofacial tissues. The issue will be of interest to all oral health researchers and practitioners. The special issue, will provide several in depth reviews of some of the most promising directions for stem cell biology.  We expect that the special issue will be well read by stem cell field in craniofacial biology.

ithenticate7.    Raising the Standard for Ensuring Originality of JDR Content.  In the fall of 2014, the JDR implemented Crossref™ and iThenticate™ software to screen every manuscript submitted to the JDR to identify manuscripts that demonstrate high similarity/redundancy to the published literature.  The inclusion of this software at the check-in step of manuscript administrative processing is assisting the journal in the identification of plagiarism.  We can identify these papers before sending them out for peer review.  This quality control step is in keeping with publication best practices and in accordance of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) for the integrity of the publications process accepted by the International Committee on Medical Journal Editors.  The JDR is a member of both of these organizations.

EditorReport_ClinicalSupp8.    New JDR Design and Planning for 2015-16.  After in-depth discussions and surveys that went out to key stakeholders of the journal over this past year, we have come up with a new journal design that will come out in January 2015.  The approach to develop a more contemporary design of the journal that had not changed since merging of the JDR with Critical Reviews in Oral Biology and Medicine after the final journal year of 2004.  We will retain the Critical Reviews as a special section that will continue to be edited by Dr. Dana Graves for the JDR.  Further to this evolution of the journal to broaden our appeal and scope, we have changed the tag line to now read: “The journal for dental, oral and craniofacial research”.  Other enhancements will include different formatting with a more consistent CSE journal citation and bibliography format, identification of author contributions (prior to the acknowledgments section) and a general fresh new look of the journal.

I thank the dedicated authors, referees and readership for their continued confidence and support of the editors as we serve the IADR and AADR. We will continue to work diligently alongside our talented editors, staff, authors and readership to continue to innovate and preserve the outstanding legacy the journal has enjoyed in its nearly 100 years of contributions to our field.

Yours respectfully,

William V. Giannobile
University of Michigan, USA
Journal of Dental Research

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